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With the slogan 'সত্যের অকুণ্ঠ প্রকাশ' launched on February 16, 2021, is dedicated to providing the latest news updates in Bengali, On July 24, 2022, was officially registered as an online media outlet by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, under the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Erfanul Haque, the editor of The Bangladesh Moments, has been a prominent face in the field of the country’s journalism sector for more than 7 years. Throughout his long career as a journalist, he served institutions like Alokito Bangladesh, The Daily Campus and so on.

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Our Fact-Checking Policy

In journalism, fact-checking is a critical component. At The Bangladesh Moments, we take extra care to verify the information before publishing it on our website. With correspondents situated in all 64 districts of the country, we are well-equipped to cover a diverse range of news stories and obtain statements from all parties involved. Our correspondents work diligently to cross-check the information provided by witnesses, locals, and the administration to ensure accuracy in our reporting.


Our Correction Policy

We always strive to provide accurate information to our readers. However, as with any field, mistakes can occur in journalism despite following proper procedures. In such cases, we take immediate steps to acknowledge the error.

Our focus is on providing our readers with the correct information as quickly as possible after conducting thorough fact-checking. We make sure to clearly explain the mistake and why it was corrected in a way that is easily understandable to all of our audience. We take transparency and accountability in our reporting seriously, and our commitment to these values is reflected in our corrections policy.


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